Maybe since we’re on every day people casually fall in love with us.
-Grimmy hitting it right on the nose (via thattomlinsonsass)


My Darling, You’re Not Falling for sunsetmog

word count: 10,163

side pairings: none

warnings: recreational drug use, homophobia, sexual content, unsafe sex

Louis and Nick have been married for almost six months. It’s a secret.

Well, it was.


Louis and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month


Portions For Foxes for annemari

word count: 16,492

side pairings: none

warnings: mentions of injuries and hospitalization

“You know how Tommo is about dares,” Harry says, laughing once, without any humor.

“An idiot,” Nick supplies, feeling a bit dazed. “But he’s always like that, so.”

Or, Louis injures himself, and somehow Nick winds up taking care of him.

Anonymous said:
Imagine Louis has just come out as gay and everyone is asking questions in interviews and overwhelming him and the rest of the band. And they find out that they have an interview with Nick in the morning and Louis' is absolutely dreading it because he knows Nick will laugh and joke and make fun of him. But when they do the interview there is not one question about his coming out and after the show he demands to know what kind of sick joke Nick's trying to play on him, and Nick sighs... ~R


… and shakes his head. “If you don’t recall darling, I did have to come out as well, and where you have 5 band members and millions of fans I didn’t have a lot of people to support me so I know what your going through and even though you have so many people to help, I’m not going to be a dick like every other interviewer.” ~R

awe and louis is thankful for that, and he starts going to nick about more things. especially after the first time pictures come out of louis at a gay club, and he was dancing with a couple of cute guys and being his drunken flirty self.

but he gets hounded about the pictures the next day and gets called all sorts of nasty things. but when the boys try to help, none of them know what to say, so louis goes to nick and he reminds louis that its nobody’s business what he does with his personal life.

and louis starts hanging out with nick a lot more, which leads to rumors and stories about a possible relationship. but louis has questions about his personal life banned from interviews so he doesnt worry about it. well, until he starts getting actual feelings for nick. 



The best thing about Tomlinshaw posts is that 98% of them don’t have anything to do with Nick or 1D at face value but you read it and you just know and you get to the bottom and inevitably the person just has it tagged #tomlinshaw. No commentary, no laughing, no…


in honor of the fourth anniversary of one direction, a moment of silence for everything else i could have been doing with my life


remember when one direction did the go karting thing and niall lost so he ran around the track shouting i’m a big fat idiot and then hit his head and fell over (x)

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