I wear women’s jeans. I thought everyone did. I thought that was what skinny jeans were.
-Grimmy  (via thattomlinsonsass)

I get so tense I’m often close to puking. We started off on a TV show so I should be at home there, but every time we do telly it riddles me with nerves. I’m petrified from the minute I get in the dressing room to the second we walk out on to the set. I don’t know why - and it’s getting worse.

I just spiral into this one massive bag of nerves. Then, when the next show comes along, it starts again, only worse. Maybe it’s because it feels quite intimate? I don’t like singing in front of small crowds.

In 2013, when we were invited to perform at the American Music Awards, I was in a state about singing a song I was usually comfortable with. Then before we went out, Justin Timberlake was coming off after collecting an award and I remember saying to the lads: “Is that the calibre of people here?” To make matters worse, as he walked off Justin came over to say hello and I was bricking it, nearly swallowing my own puke. I was fine in the end, but it’s draining being that nervous.

-Niall in Who We Are (x)

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i’m ten away from my next thousand


pls help. i really want to get there before i go see the boys a week from today in atlanta 

Don’t usually do this but go follow her. She’s lovely and should have everything she wants.


harry KNOWS what ‘kiss me you fool’ means to us. so fuck you and your ‘coincidences.’ 

we’re back on the stairs again
-niall horan in Tulsa tonight while they were sitting on the stairs singing DFWYB (via wwadirectory)

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› two years


it’s been two years since nick started hosting the breakfast show… two years of waking up the nation, two years of wild guests and funny links and ridiculous anecdotes, two years of doing his dream job and growing as a person, two years of being asked if it’s a struggle to get up,…


i have so much respect for niall, i feel like i don’t say thins enough, but i respect him so much…for how he deals with fame, for the energy and dedication he has on stage, for giving his all to everything, for not complaining, for staying down to earth eventhough he’s 1/5 of one of the biggest music acts rn, for showing how grateful he is and how much he appreciates this and for just being the human he is, i think he’s and incredible person and i really do love him a lot

okay so my opinion and all but I really think 1d didn’t use this great chance of being at a festival with thousands of potential people who aren’t fans to sing a song that could change their minds. to show the world that ‘one direction’ shouldn’t make non-fans roll their eyes and say that they are only for teenage girls. and i just wanted to hear fireproof live so badly… adding on: they shouldn’t have done story of my life since harry is sick. can they stop trying to ruin the poor boy’s lovely voice


1d not singing fireproof


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